Executive Search

Business organizations worldwide share a common goal: attracting top-tier talent to join their executive teams. Companies strategically structuring their top management with well-qualified professionals often experience enhanced performance and positive shifts in management practices. Identifying and recruiting such individuals, often likened to finding a proverbial needle, is a nuanced process.

Executive Search/Head-Hunting proves most effective when the candidate population is defined and identifiable. Operating at the senior management level, we meticulously establish client relationships, delve into corporate cultures, and rigorously analyze candidate profiles, ensuring cultural compatibility and a successful match. Our approach involves investing time and effort initially to fully comprehend the organization’s needs and evolve an agreed-upon candidate profile, a practice highly valued by our clients.

In evaluating candidates, we consider their personal and professional qualifications, potential for long-term contribution, ability to produce results, and alignment with the corporate culture. Our process encompasses listening, planning, thorough research, initiation, response, interviews, assessments, evaluations, offer explanation, and assistance in assimilation. With an extensive network of top-level professionals, we know where to find leadership talent. We collaborate with our clients as a team to overcome challenges and boundaries in technologies, skills, industries, and countries.

Having been in the Executive Search Consulting business for the past four years, we’ve successfully completed over 25 assignments. We’ve placed some of the brightest and most successful senior professionals in various sensitive and critical business positions. Our high record of successfully completing complex assignments, coupled with repeat assignments and satisfied clients, serves as a significant testimony to our effectiveness.

We understand that successful executives must deliver their leadership skills within the unique cultural framework of their organizations. The ultimate yardstick of our performance lies in the long-term contributions made by the executives we place.

Executive Search Process

Our meticulous approach to executive search involves a detailed job profiling process, including:

  1. Defining the Role:

    • Comprehensively defining the responsibilities, skill set requirements, and any special values or psychological attributes essential for success in the role.
  2. Exclusive Relationship Manager:

    • Appointing an exclusive relationship manager for the client who delves into understanding the client’s business, addressing concerns, exploring organizational culture, and other key issues.
  3. Comprehensive Search Strategy:

    • Collaboratively drafting a thorough search strategy with client involvement, outlining expected sourcing grounds, benchmark profiles, and establishing timelines for each phase.
  4. Long List Creation:

    • Developing a long list of potential candidates in consultation with the client.
  5. First-Level Screening and Reference Check:

    • Conducting first-level screening, reference checks, and assessments based on records, including personal interactions.
  6. Candidate Meetings:

    • Organizing meetings between the most relevant shortlisted candidates and the client.
  7. Performance Checks:

    • Conducting comprehensive performance checks of shortlisted candidates across all aspects of their current professional existence, involving peers, seniors, subordinates, and competitors.
  8. Package Negotiation:

    • Facilitating package negotiations in alignment with industry benchmarks and skill sets.
  9. Partnership Initiation:

    • Initiating a partnership between the client and the candidate, supporting the candidate in settling into their new role, and maintaining a continuous check on performance and client satisfaction.
  10. Post-Hiring Support:

    • Providing support in case of any problems or crises post-hiring, including immediate access to our rich and ready database for backup measures.

Our end-to-end process ensures a comprehensive and tailored approach to executive search, fostering successful and lasting partnerships between clients and candidates.


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